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We are an independent alternative provision commissioned by Luton Borough Council that works with schools and partners to minimise the amount of young people leaving education without skills, qualifications and aspirations.

We specialise in working with young people who are extremely dis-engaged and those who may display aggressive behaviour. 

Our Rewards System

Our educational programmes coupled with our mentoring approach and our reward system provides incentives and opportunities for young people to get additional support with their creative enterprise based on their efforts based on the following: 

  • Listening 

  • Participating

  • Punctuality

  • Behavior

The rewards for a student’s progress can include: 

  • X amount of studio time (X amount of points =Y)

  • Free Music Video (X amount of points =Y)

We provide mentoring to both groups and individuals (1 to 1). Our holistic approach includes support with numerous personal social issues to help young people reach their full potential.

Part Time Programmes

As an alternative provision we work closely with schools and other education providers to deliver custom holistic learning experiences. We recognise the value and importance of partnership and collaboration. Our part time programmes allow young people in Key Stages 3-4 to gain creative enterprise skills with embedded literacy and numeracy, helping them to become well rounded individuals in preparation for adulthood.

PSHE & Life Skills

Our programmes not only include tangible enterprise and technological skills we also focus on social issues and life skills including the following areas:

  • Gang & Knife Crime
  • Sexual Health
  • Financial Literacy
  • Child Sexual Exploitation
  • Drugs & Alcohol

As member of the PSHE association and with over 10 years experience working with hard to reach young people we consider ourselves a complimentary service to mainstream education, helping to bridge the gap and prepare young people with their transition into adulthood 


While on our music production course students not only get the opportunity to learn using state of the art facilities they are also taught the fundamentals of the music business and entrepreneurship. 

We believe it essential for young people to develop transferable skills to improve their future prospects.

Retail and communication is now dominated by digital technology, this phenomenon is only going to grow as we enter further in the digital revolution. 

Our digital marketing and media production programme helps young people develop their personal brand and market their talents.

DJing is often seen as a hobby that comes with benefits, but in today’s world the DJ is the heartbeat of every festive occasion with skills that can be developed into an exciting career.

With the right approach and a clear marketing strategy many DJ’s get the opportunity to travel the world doing the one thing they love.

Radio is a driving force in the music industry. Digital technology has revolutionised the radio industry making it more interactive than ever before. Radio broadcasting is now both an audio and visual experience. 

Students will gain confidence, learn about copyright law, management and ICT skills which are transferable to any industry.

Some young people that have difficulties with education may struggle to secure employment upon leaving school. We want young people to realise that self employment and entrepreneurship is an option.  

Students will be taught the basic principles of business such as market research, product and service development, roles and responsibilities, finance, marketing and more.

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